St. Valentine Car Show

2-16-2013  019 WPThe St. Valentine Car Show was held in the parking lot of a Chik-Fil-A restaurant in Corona, California on Saturday, 18 February, 2013. I took my “replacement” Nikon FG loaded with 100 speed black and white film (Kentmere 100) and a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01 digital point and shoot as a backup.

As always, click on a photo to view the larger version.

These are the last photos I’ll make with the FG, since it had some unsettling film transport problems; the frame spacing was erratic, giving uneven double exposures in places and the winding mechanism finally froze up after I shot a single roll at this car show.

I like the way that black and white looks when shooting classic cars. Generally better than color, anyway. I think monochrome does a good job of showing the lines and shapes of the cars. I also like the results I get with Kodak’s color 220 film, Portra 160, shot with the Yashica Mat 124, but I didn’t have any in the film cooler, so I went with the black and white.  

2-16-2013  006 WP


2-16-2013  009 WP


2-16-2013  010 WP


2-16-2013  011 WP


2-16-2013  012 WP


2-16-2013  014 WP


2-16-2013  015 WP


2-16-2013  020 WP


2-16-2013  021 WP