Car Show Argument

P1020882 WP

I’m in the midst of an internal argument about what two cameras to take to a couple of car shows this weekend. There’s a Cruise Night scheduled at a restaurant in Riverside on Friday night. On Saturday afternoon there’s a St. Valentine’s Car Show scheduled at a restaurant in Corona, California. Both shows will likely be small. Of course, every other event that is not the Veteran’s Memorial Car Show in Loma Linda, CA, seems small, since that event hosted over 1,300 vehicles last year (for the posts on the 2012 show, see here, here, and here).

Choice of the first camera is easy. I’ve found that simply carrying the Yashica Mat 124 often clears the path for me when I’m shooting in a crowd. That camera gets more attention than anything else I own, and people often comment on it. They also generally make an effort to stay out of my photos, which is a good thing when shooting classic and vintage automobiles.

The second camera is not so easy. I like the way that the Micro 4/3 camera, a Panasonic, rendered the color of cars in the past, but I also like the idea of using the Nikon N90s and Kodak color film, which gives a mild retro look to the photos. It is all up in the air, right now. And it will probably remain that way until a minute before I head out the door to the first event…

The photograph shown here was made with a Panasonic Lumix G1.