Ocean Side

Santa Cruz 1-13-2013 074 WP

When Lisa and I were in Santa Cruz three weeks ago to visit our newest (youngest) granddaughter, daughter Megan, and son-in-law Fabian, we decided to take a short stroll down to the beach. The rim of the Pacific is a half-block from their home and can be seen from the street. 

Earlier, I had been shooting indoors with the Nikon FG I received as a holiday present, when the shutter suddenly seized up on the 4th roll of film I shot with it. It was….well, let me say “alarming”. “Disheartening” wouldn’t be out of line, either. I was also traveling with the Nikon N90s, so I loaded a roll of Ilford Delta 400 in it before we went on our walk. I had shot the Delta 400 a week before at Calico and was happy with the way that roll of film had turned out.

The photograph above was a quick “grab” shot: I saw the photo as we were walking back, shot it quickly, then continued walking. As usual, I was trailing behind the group because I kept seeing photographs and stopping. A half minute later, the replicar featured in the An Unknown Automobile post was parked momentarily at the intersection of my daughter’s street and the beach road.

I quickly focused the manual 28mm lens, then shot a sequence of 3 frames when the car made a left-hand turn onto the beach road. I wouldn’t have caught more than two frames during that turn, if that many, if I’d had the FG in hand, because it has a thumb crank to advance the film and cock the shutter. The N90s, with it’s motorized advance was exactly the right tool to have in hand for a few moments. Sometimes I luck out.

When I reviewed the photos from that roll, I kept being drawn back to the frame shown here. I liked the photo itself, but I didn’t like the scan. I re-scanned it last night several times and finally got this image, which I can live with. 

BTW: I phoned KEH when we got back to Riverside and explained the problem I had with the Nikon FG. Within minutes I received an email message with well-written instructions on how to return the Nikon FG for an exchange and an attached mailing label to print out. It was all very helpful, including the pleasant KEH employee that I talked to on the phone. I mailed the camera to KEH the next day (dropped it off at a local FedEx office).

I had the replacement camera in my hands in 5 business days, partially because KEH shipped it back as a 2-day shipment. The replacement was in slightly better condition than the original and I didn’t have to clean the viewfinder like I did with the first FG. The whole experience was as pleasant as it could be and KEH replaced the camera with no questions asked. I love buying equipment from KEH. (I don’t have any affiliation with KEH. I simply like doing occasional business with the company and would like to see it stay in business.)

Gearhead Stuff: Nikon N90s with 28mm manual lens, Ilford Delta 400 film.