A Call for Film Photographers

A Call - screen capture 2

Tim Layton, the author of Black and White Photography, published an appeal to analog photographers on January 11. The screen capture above shows the top of his page. He is beginning a project about why film photographers are using film rather than digital, what film mediums they work with and why, etc. He wants to assemble the information from at least fifty analog photographers.

He intends to “tell the story of why modern-day photographers choose to still use analog and chemical-based processes and mediums in a digital high-tech world“. He will produce a book if the project is successful and if there are any net profits from it, donate the proceeds to a non-profit charity.

I read Tim’s appeal, thought about it for a couple days, then wrote the material he wanted and sent it to him via email. I found it an interesting undertaking, whether or not Tim decides to use the material I sent. I’m thinking that I will do some minor editing to tailor my material for this blog and publish it as a ” Photographer’s Bio” page in the menu bar at the top of the blog.

I thought it was a good project idea and I’m looking forward to reading the book when it is completed. For more information on the project, see A Call For Analog Photographers.