Colorado Desert

RRA_4301 WP

This photograph was made in the Colorado Desert, specifically in the Pinto Basin in the southeastern section of Joshua Tree National Monument. The Colorado Desert is a western extension of the larger Sonoran Desert. This section of Joshua Tree is typified by Cholla cactus and the spiky Ocotillo plant.

I used a Nikon D200 with a Nikon 18-105mm VR lens.

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From The Texas Rambler: ” I love Colorado and the desert…”

RRAlexander: Heh, heh… The Texas Rambler was deliberately being funny above (a joke you might not understand if you don’t live in the Southwestern US). He was also giving me an opening to explain a bit more about the deserts in California. Thanks, Rambler…

The Colorado Desert (sometimes called the Lower Colorado Desert) is one of two deserts in Southern California and an extension of the Sonoran Desert, which covers large sections of the southwestern North American continent. The Sonoran Desert spans regions of Northwest Mexico in Baja, Baja California Sur, and Sonora and the United States in Arizona and California. It is primarily a low-elevation desert and has distinctive flora such as Ocotillo and Cholla Cactus. Though bounded in the east by the Colorado River, the border between California and Arizona, it has nothing to do with the State of Colorado.

The Mojave Desert, north of the Colorado is a generally higher elevation desert and includes Death Valley and the northern half of Joshua Tree National Monument. I’ve never noticed either Ocotillo or Cholla Cactus in the Mojave Desert, so I suspect that those plants are limited to the Colorado Desert.

Despite what you may have heard on television or read in books about the lives of Rock and Roll stars, there is no “California Desert”. When watching television, particularly the “History” Channel, keep in mind that continuity editing, including fact-checking, is often nonexistent. For example, programs broadcast on the History Channel have insisted on using the word “decimation” to mean destruction, for many years. Decimation does NOT mean Destruction. You can easily look up decimation in your dictionary to check me on this.