Indian Motorcycle, Continued

Indian email ad

     I’m not responsible for the content of this post – it is simply a redirect to the new Indian information site. Polaris has put together a good bit of introductory information on the soon-to-come Indians.

I got quite a charge out of hearing the very smooth sound of the new engine, though it appears that it was only shifted up into 5th gear (and the last shift sounded like an “automatic”). I assume that the new Chief will come with a 6-speed gearbox, which only makes sense on American roads.

Though it drives me a bit wacky when the guys on American Pickers ignore Indians during a pick and end up buying Harley parts or bikes, they do occasionally pick up Indians that I’d love to have in my garage, and it makes a certain amount of sense to have Mike Wolfe featured as something of a spokesman for Indian.

To view the new Indian information site, click here.