Granddaughter Prelude

11-24-2012 Megans Baby Shower 032 WP

From left: the oldest granddaughter, daughter Megan, the youngest granddaughter (at that time), daughter-in-law Amber.

For a couple weeks now, I’ve been calling my daughter Megan every couple days to see how her pregnancy is progressing. Megan lives in Santa Cruz, California and was unable to be in Southern California during the year-end holidays because her due date of January 2 was so close and she and husband Fabian had made all of the birth arrangements in Santa Cruz. Last night Megan phoned to say that Lilian had been born at 6:40 (PST)

The photograph shown here is from the baby shower thrown in late November for Megan, Fabian, and soon-to-arrive Lilian. Because the event was held inside (and I avoid flash photography because of a lack of interest) I wanted to use a ISO/ASA 400 film, rather than my usual 100.

100 percent cropI wasn’t happy with the performance of the Kentmere 400 film I used because of the heavy grain. If I had been attempting to get heavy grain, the Kentmere 400 would have been a good film to use, but I wasn’t. The 100% crop at left shows the grain clearly (click on the crop to view it at 100%). Though I like the results I’ve been getting with Kentmere 100, I won’t be buying any more of the 400.

On the advice of Mike Harmon, author of The Hashbrown Diaries, I’m now trying a couple rolls of Ilford Delta 400. I will display the results I get using that product once I shoot and develop some of it.