Southwestern Winter

RA3_4360 WP

Here in the American Southwest we rarely get truly bad winter weather. But this year there has been both an inordinate amount of rainfall and it has been somewhat colder that we’re used to for several weeks. With early morning temperatures frequently in the mid-30s f (1 C), it could easily be worse. As it is, the oranges in my small two-tree “grove”, haven’t frozen.

Conditions aren’t really bad enough to complain about it, just inconvenient. We keep scheduling group rides, then cancelling them due to weather; rain, cold, high wind or a combination of those factors are keeping us home. No one wants to ride very far in the rain. If the temperatures are down around 40 f (4 C), the added wind chill makes it somewhere around thirty degrees cooler on a motorcycle moving at highway speeds. And wind gusts up to 35 Mph in the San Gorgonio Pass are not helpful, either.

We’re just hunkered down for anything but short rides. Short distance and short duration. We’ve begun to talk and email about future rides into the Mojave Desert north of the Cajon Pass and even farther north, Death Valley and the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada. But right now we can’t do much more than talk.

My throttle hand itches…