A Clearing Sky

P1110546 WPI watched the sky all day as the banks of gray clouds shifted, reformed, and occasionally broke open for a few minutes to allow the sunlight to stream through to illuminate a few acres of the land below, then close up. There were several short periods of attempted rain, just enough to keep the lawns damp and slick the concrete driveways and asphalt streets.

All through the daylight it looked like the thick vapor might soon open up and develop sharper edges, which would be good for making black and white photographs from the gray world below, but that never developed.

After sundown the sky began to clear and I could see the moon and the pinholes of the distant stars between the fast-moving clouds. As usual, the reflected light of the city’s streetlamps tinted the underbellies of the clouds orange.

P1110547 WPStepping outside around 9:30 to help Lisa unload the Subaru, I kept stealing glances at the moonlight backlighting the airborne mist. After emptying the cargo compartment, I grabbed the Lumix G1 and a tripod, walked back out onto the concrete driveway, and set up to shoot the photographs shown here.

I had apparently been shooting in monochrome the last time I used the camera and I didn’t check the settings before mounting it to the tripod. I captured a couple frames and looked at the monochrome images, then increased the ISO and switched it to a color mode. The black and white looked fine to me, but I wanted to include the orange tint from the streetlights.