All I Want For The Solstice

I probably should explain the title of this article. In my family there are Jews, Christians, and Buddhists. Every year in late December we engage in the celebrations centered around the time of the Solstice, like Chanukah, Christmas, and Amitabha Day. Gift-giving is central to this and usually done on the Christian holiday because everyone has the day off. I personally like the Christian holiday because of the “pagan” parts; the pine trees, the colored lights, and having the whole family together that day. 

I like to receive lists that inform me what everyone would like. It makes the preparations easier and assures me that I got them something that they actually wanted, rather than a tie or pair of socks. I rarely get lists from the children, but it is easier to get them from the grandchildren.

My entire list this year looks like the following.

1. 120 film for my Yashica Mat 124 (Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100).

It is a very short list. I get a great deal of pleasure out of having a good supply of film in the refrigerator (in my case a repurposed wine cooler). It is more than enough to make me happy to know that I can load a roll in the camera and there will still be more there when I’m done shooting the next 12 frames.

Though I occasionally use other 120 film types, including Kodak Portra 160 color film, the black and white Acros 100 is my “go-to” film, because I can develop it in the garage, which doesn’t cost a relative fortune like the color film that I have to send out to a pro lab for developing. And because it is easier (and less expensive), I tend to shoot the monochrome film more often.