America In Riverside

America’s Dewey and Gerry playing Ventura Highway.

This photograph was made on November 9, 2012 with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01. America was playing the Fox Theatre in Riverside, California. The band was playing Ventura Highway at the time I took the photo. The Fox is a beautifully converted movie theater which is now used for concerts and occasional plays in the city’s downtown area. The theater’s early claim to fame is that it was used for the sneak preview of the movie Gone With The Wind.

The FX01 is now chugging along into the seventh year of use. My wife Lisa originally bought it for me in August 2006, just before I left on a 7,000+ mile motorcycle ride from Southern California to New York State and back. It was a handy tool on that trip and many others because after attaching a neck strap I could easily operate it from the saddle of the motorcycle with one hand while I was riding at 70 MPH and lower speeds and the built-in  image stabilization would keep the photos from being blurred in most cases (I am not recommending this practice. I have been riding since 1962 and take full responsibility for my actions.). Though a lowly point-and-shoot and limited to 6 megapixels, the photos are often surprisingly good. The camera is small, which makes it easy to carry around in my pocket or Lisa’s purse, so it gets a lot of use, because it is available in situations when we’re not carrying a SLR, TLR, or DSLR.

By the way: America sounded great after the first two songs, which were slightly thin (sonically). The sound guy quickly got everything in balance, and the band also “warmed up” rapidly. The quick “warmup” was in sharp contrast to the Rolling Stones, who typically put on an incredibly good show, but usually take a few songs to catch fire.