The Best Thing About Halloween

I drove up the street to pick up my grandson on Halloween morning. Lisa was going to drive him and our granddaughter to school. The school officials don’t like to deal with Halloween costumes, etc., on that holiday, so they put on an event called “Farm Day”. The entire day’s theme is farming, including the costumes the kids wear and the farm animals brought to the playground for the day. A camel is also brought to the playground, but I’m not sure what relationship the camel has to farming.

The grandson was dressed as a farmer, the granddaughter was costumed as a rabbit.  My grandson is big enough now to legally and comfortably sit in the front seat of the car. And this year he was sporting a large handlebar moustache, which seemed to “fit” him.

It occurred to me that he was approaching the age when he might begin dismissing the holiday. “Do you like Halloween?, I asked.

“Yeah!”, he said.

“What is the best part?”

“The Candy!”

Of course, I thought.

Later, in the evening, Lisa brought this bug cupcake home from work for me. That was the best part of the holiday for me…