Rainy October

The sky had some interesting cloud cover due to a pending rainstorm and I wanted to ride a bit this morning, but a few blocks across the city wouldn’t do it, so I threw the SLR in the saddlebag and headed up to Anza Narrows to shoot the last few frames of color film on a roll. I shot the last half dozen frames on the roll, then checked the sky for water. It didn’t seem that rain was imminent. Maybe it would arrive later. Possibly in the afternoon. I got back on the bike and rode toward NoPork Motorsports in the City of Norco. Between Riverside and Norco there is an hilly stretch along the Santa Ana River and the Hidden Valley Wildlife preserve.

As I crested the hills between the cities, the water began falling. It was a dismal attempt at rain. Just an intermittent drizzling. I kept riding through downtown Norco, then turned on Hamner Avenue toward NoPork. I talked to Brian, the owner, for a few minutes, looked at the bikes currently for sale, then returned to the bike for the twelve mile ride home. While we were talking, the falling water had upgraded itself to a light rain, which was nothing to get excited about, though I might get bit wet.

When the rainfall gathered momentary strength  I’d duck down a bit and let the air flowing off the top reflex curve of the WindVest carry it over my head. When it ebbed I’d sit back up in normal riding position, since it was just light rain. I had the waterproof winter hiking boots on. The only part of me really getting wet was my jeans from knee to ankle. The new riding jacket was shedding water quite well – perhaps because of the treatment the leather got before it was sewn together. I’ll have to get a new can of mink oil and treat the whole jacket, I thought.

The rain stopped for a few hours in the afternoon and the cloud formations looked interesting to me, so I returned to Anza Narrows around 4:00 pm, that time with the Lumix G1. The photos shown here are from that quick shoot before the rain started falling again an hour later.