This is Just…….Stupid

Every year we receive a mailer from the St. Joseph’s Indian School in South Dakota. The mailer always contains a “gift” of a small (toy-like small) dream catcher and an appeal for donations to the school, in order that the school may continue to indoctrinate…er… teach Native Americans how to assimilate into the mainstream culture of the United States. Because the mailers arrive yearly, I suspect that Lisa sent them money once upon a time. The pleading-by-mail will never cease now, of course.

We looked at the most recent mailer gift this morning and discovered something horrifying. The gift dream catcher was “Designed in USA” and “Made in China”. There is nothing appropriate about that. It is downright stupid. It is very unpatriotic*. The gifts could easily have been made in the United States, though at a higher bulk price, no doubt (workers who have some nominal freedom typically demand higher wages for their work than the oppressed Chinese).

Yet for some reason or the total lack thereof, the school chose to support the economy of the only remaining major communist country on the planet. It begs a question: Why couldn’t this item, if not made in the USA, have been supplied by one of the other hundreds of democratic countries covering the globe? WTF?…

* Since the communist government of China is engaged in a long-term economic war against democracy.