Corpuscular Light

Though I haven’t been particularly active in recent weeks, I noticed that something interesting was happening above the eastern skyline after dawn this morning, and rode the motorcycle to a favorite vantage point to make a few digital photographs.   

Streams of light flowing down from the clouds as shown in this photograph is known as Corpuscular Light by photographers. It is also sometimes known as “God Light”, as if it was caused or directed by one of the thousands of mythical supernatural entities that many humans like to think exist, such as Odin, Zeus, Krishna, or Yahweh.

This isn’t a good example of corpuscular light, because there isn’t much visual contrast between the light streams and the background, but I like the image because it appears that the light streams are washing down over the mountains.

My recent relative inactivity has a couple of causes. One of my useless organs, the gallbladder, needs to be removed. Humans are burdened with a few unnecessary subsystems. We usually carry them around for no good reason until they either kill us or are surgically removed (another reason to believe that our genetic designers did a slipshod job or that evolution is not nearly as efficient as sometimes thought). My useless subsystem will be removed in September, I’m told. I don’t have a fixed date. In the meantime, my drug pushers…er…doctors have supplied me with some heavy-duty painkillers to mask the pain, if another attack occurs. A series of four attacks over a period of a week prompted me to go to hospital, and wore me out. I lost any desire to post on the blog for a time.

Another activity has indirectly reduced my recent blog post output: Astrophysics. I’ve been reading too much about it lately. It is fascinating. From the Big Bang to String and M Theories to the Phantom and Quantum Multiverses, it is just too interesting to spend much time on anything else. That will eventually die out as a mental pastime, no doubt, and it won’t take a surgical operation. I’ll just run out of affordable reading material…