A Slight Return

A dozen or so days ago, I shot a roll of 120 film with my twin lens reflex camera. Twelve frames of my Road Star at Anza Narrows. It was a “practice” session of sorts. Lately I’ve been thinking about doing a project; black and white photographs of a number of different motorcycles. I’d shoot a 12-frame roll of each and include at least one photo of each machine’s owner in each roll. Although the parameters of the project are not particularly well-defined, I’ve actually begun it, since I’ve shot three motorcycles within them.

I set the timer on the camera and stepped into a couple of the frames. I returned home and developed the negatives a couple hours later. I love the medium format negatives that I get from the camera, but I hated the two frames with me in them. I expect any photo of me to show a rather beaten, weathered, 60 + year old with no eyebrows (my eyebrows are so thin that they don’t appear in photos). But my problem with the photos was caused by something else: I looked so heavy that I was disgusted. I was hovering around 200 lbs., about 15 pounds heavier than I should be. I resolved to return to the better diet I had slowly abandoned over a long period of time.

I was really disgusted.

Two days into the reconstituted diet, I came down with a flu. It covered all the bases. It was the usual mix of coughing, running nose, sore throat, and aching, augmented by intestinal purging activities. I didn’t eat for several days. It was one hell of a way to start a diet.

I didn’t do much of anything for over a week. One or two people probably noticed that there had been no new blog posts. I didn’t shoot a single photo, either digital or analogue. Feeling better now, I have an urge to get the TLR out and shoot and develop some medium format film. But I think I’ll avoid making any images of myself for a while…