Canon Joins Nikon in Missing the Mark

Like all of the hubbub surrounding the launch of the Nikon 1 in the fall of last year, there are currently a lot of perfectly good black pixels being wasted on monitors used for viewing the Web. This time it is a new product by Canon, the EOS-M. Canon’s “Big Splash” is a mirrorless 18 megapixel APS-C camera. Here are a few thoughts about the EOS-M (these are my opinions, so don’t be offended if you are a brand loyalist or own gobs of stock in the company):

  • Like Nikon did a few months ago, Canon decided to further fragment the mirrorless camera market. That does not benefit photography enthusiasts. It does benefit Canon, like Nikon before it.

  • A well-designed and executed Canon M 4/3 canon would have benefited photo enthusiasts.  

  • You can kludge mount (cobble together) big Canon lenses on it.

  • Though it has PASM shooting modes, it also is equipped with with so what “artsy-fartsy” point-and-shoot-modes.

  • It has no EVF or a port to use to add one onto the camera. (WTF?) 

  • It costs $799 for the body/lens kit. The lens is a 22mm, the full-frame equivalent of a 35mm “normal view” lens.

  • It is probably a good enough camera. Canon will probably sell boatloads of them, because their marketing machine is as strong as Nikon’s.

Beyond those points I don’t think there is anything worth saying about the camera. I’m already sick of reading about it. It is a lot of white noise. Who cares??