The Aforementioned Statue

This photograph is of the statue of Eliza Tibbets. I mentioned it in the Citrus Town post a couple weeks ago. I have tried to photograph it several times, but just didn’t get the right light to do it justice until this morning.

I never carry flash equipment when I’m out walking around with a camera in hand. My interest in using flash photography is very close to zero. It is even quite rare for me to use a continuous (artificial) light source, though I have sometimes used LED flashlights when shooting something indoors. I guess that means that I’m an existing light photographer.

Anyway, the light was right when I walked by the statue this morning. I shot with the Yashica Mat 124 on Fuji Neopan 100 Acros film. Over the past couple years I’ve shot perhaps 50 frames of the statue with various cameras; digital and film, color and black and white, but never got an image that was close to what I wanted. It became something of a challenge, I guess. 

I still think it is a “weird” statue. Despite how often I’ve looked at it, there is still something that doesn’t look “right” to me…