Spare Change

I used to be more polite about it, but now I have changed my tactics.

In recent months it has become progressively more annoying. 

When I go to the grocery store, the gasoline station, my favorite hamburger joint, or even for a stroll through the mall downtown now, chances are around fifty percent that some creature in human form will accost me by asking for “spare” change. It is aggressively impolite. 

I don’t know what has happened to my city. I don’t know why a large number of people who happen to live here suddenly think that it is acceptable to panhandle. Apparently, they have no pride. 

I’ve never had “spare” change. I certainly am not going to develop a habit of giving money to people who are not in need.

Only once have I ever given money to anyone who asked for it. I believed that individual’s need was genuine. I have no problem helping someone who needs help. But that was the only time I believed it to be the case. One time out of six decades.

Until a couple weeks ago I would say, “Sorry. I only use a card, now.”

I have a new standard way of dealing with those bad mannered creatures. I misunderstand any “requests” for spare change. I simply say, “No. I don’t need any change.”

After all, it is equally reasonable to expect them to offer me money…