July Rising

It is quite unusual to see good cloud definition in the Summer in Southern California, at least where I live. In June and early July, the sky is typically a near-uniform gray overcast caused by a marine layer blanketing the Pacific Coast. Later in the Summer, the rule of thumb is that the sky will be a clear blue dome, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this morning’s rising developing during my pre-dawn sky check.

I packed the Lumix G1 and tripod into the saddlebags, then rode up to Anza Narrows park to capture these photographs.

When I returned home an hour later, I discovered the following two things (keep in mind that to “discover” is to stumble upon or uncover something that already exists).

1. Someone had bumped the lens hood on the Lumix, so two diagonal corners of the camera’s frame looked like there was some vignetting because the lens hood was in the way. I realized that the hood was not fully locked in position two-thirds of the way through the shoot and turned it to the correct position. Three photos in this post were cropped to remove the dark corners.

2. An Australian blogger named Edwina had visited my blog at around 4:27 PST, so it must have been late at night Down Under. I followed her profile to her blog and found it quite interesting. She is a collector whose collection has grown too large. She is selling a number of unique items via her blog. The items I found the most interesting were the ones made of Bakelite and the photographic gear such as the various slide projectors and viewers, but there are plenty of items for sale in other categories. Because those are among the items she decided to get rid of, I wonder what is in her collection that she isn’t selling. I’d like to see those things, also. Take a look at her site at re:retro