The 400 Again

After yesterday’s experience with the Kentmere 400, I continued to wonder if I had screwed something up. Maybe I did something during the development process. Maybe the heavy grain was the result of a single isolated roll of film and the rest of the rolls would turn out differently.

I loaded the Yashica rangefinder with another roll of Kentmere 400 this morning and returned downtown. Again, the sky was a light overcast. I shot the roll, then returned home to develop it using the same chemicals and development times. After developing the negatives, I used the same settings to scan them at 1200 dpi again.  

My results were very much the same, and are shown below. I am quite surprised by the difference between the 400 and 100. Luckily, I only bought 4 rolls of the faster film to try out. I guess I’ll keep the remaining two rolls and use them when I want a grainy effect. Whenever that might be…

Original photo from 7-5-2012. It looks alright for web presentation and might be okay as a 4″ X 6″ print.

100% crop of the photo to the left. No thanks. I’ll stick to the Kentmere 100.