In The Park

This one is from the second roll of Kentmere 100 I’ve run through the Nikon N90s. Daughter Megan and I were walking around Fairmount Park in Riverside at midday. She and husband Fabian were down from Santa Cruz for the weekend. Because she is an artist who does a fair amount of lithographic printmaking and experiments with things like lomography, I thought she’d enjoy working with the Yashica Mat 124 twin lens reflex camera (TLR).

We loaded that camera with a roll of Ilford Delta 100 120 film, then walked around one of the small lakes in the park. She seemed to enjoy working with the TLR as much as I do, even though that camera’s built-in light meter doesn’t work. I carried the Nikon N90s and shot a few frames, but the focus of our meandering stroll was to have her get some time with the Yashica and shoot using the Sunny 16 system of estimating exposures without a light meter.

After an hour and a half we went back to my house and developed the film in the garage. The big payoff of developing black and white negatives is pulling the dripping wet negative roll off the developing reel, holding the strip up to the light spilling through the big garage door, and looking at it to see how the photos came out before sponging them off and hanging them up to dry. It is almost as much fun as working with a camera to make the photos in the first place. With the big 6X6 negatives that dwarf the 35 mm frames, it is just that much more fun…