The Soup Shop

Lisa and I went to this restaurant, The Soup Shop in Riverside, California, on Sunday morning (6-24-2012) for breakfast. It is a small, but favored place for breakfast on the weekend. It serves the usual American style breakfast, along with some surprises in the menu, like the (fresh) blueberry crepes I had the last time we went.

When it gets crowded, as it did that day, there is additional seating – four more tables – overlooking the main dining area. We found an empty table on the balcony overlooking the ground-level floor below.

I looked down on the scene shown here and went back out to the car in the parking lot for my camera and a roll of film. Returning to our table, I loaded the film, then made this photo.

The camera aperture was set at f/11. In the dim light that returned a shutter speed of 2 seconds in aperture priority mode. I opened the aperture to f/4, which returned a shutter speed of 1/20th of a second. I braced the camera on the balcony railing to make this shot. I knew there would be a long span of tones between black and the bright sunlight outside the windows, but I wanted to see how the camera would render it all.

The film was Kentmere 100 35mm. The camera was my Nikon N90s with the 28mm prime manual lens.