Tuxie’s Drive-In at 6030 Magnolia Avenue in Riverside, California is something of a city institution. I don’t know the history of the Drive-In, since I can’t find much information on it, but it was here when I arrived in the city in 1971. I suspect that it was in operation for decades before that, given the prominent streetside neon sign that advertises it, a type of sign that was common in the early and mid-twentieth century.

Though I’ve seen the sign thousands of times in recent decades, it was what caught my eye this morning while my car was undergoing a smog inspection across the street. This side of the sign has weathered, unlike the side shown in the photo above.

Tuxie’s hosts monthly Cruise Night events. Below is a list of future (2012) Cruise Nights at Tuxie’s. All of the events start at 5:00 pm.

Friday, July 13.

Friday, August 10.

Friday, September 14.

Friday, October 12.

Friday, November 9.

Friday, December 14.

For more information about Cruise Nights, see the Old Farts Racing Team site.