A Bit Wonky

Those of you who actually come to this site to read posts, as opposed to those who read it via Email Subscriptions or in RSS Feed Readers, will no doubt notice a big difference in the layout. I wanted to be able to present more than one article on the main page and found the new WordPress template a few days ago.

According to the WordPress support site, it was supposedly simple to make the conversion between templates. I followed the instructions:

1. Create a new, non public, test site.

2. Export the data from the original site in an XML file. Import the XML data to the Test site.

3. Massage the data in the test site (within the new template), since the post and page layouts will be quite different.

4. Export the test site data in an XML file.

5. Import the test site data (including the template) to the original site.

It took me three days to do all of that and it wasn’t quite that simple. When I performed step # 5., the new WordPress template information did not make the transfer, so I had to apply the template “manually”. I spent seven hours last night going through the site post by post and page by page to get it somewhere close to right.

During the conversion several posts were deleted for one reason or another. Several posts were “hidden” in the background and will appear later as Galleries. A number of posts no longer display the large photo when one clicks on them, primarily those that are from the original blog on Blogger from 2009 and 2010. Others only converted with very tiny thumbnail photos. I’ll have to fix all of those problems over the next three or four weeks as I can get to them

It is a bit wonky. Still, I am quite happy with the result.