Rangefinder Test

Contrary as it may seem, yesterday’s test of the Yashica Electro 35 GSN rangefinder was successful, because I found out that it isn’t working properly. The camera is shown here, partially enclosed by the bottom of the original “Never-Ready” case.

I shot a roll of Kodak color film in the morning, then had the negatives developed at Costco. Though there seems to be a ghost of light that reached some of the frames, they were largely blank, which indicates a probable problem with the shutter, or a non-working shutter and leaks in the camera back light seals. With this camera it is likely that the problem is what is known as “the pad of death”, a common problem with the electronic shutter mechanism.

Given the low price I paid for the machine, $20, I’m not overly disappointed because I’ll keep the camera, then have it repaired later this year. Once it is put in good working order, it should work well for the remainder of this lifetime. I intend to send it to Mark Hama, once I have budgeted for the repair (or maybe I’ll ask for the repair as my birthday present…).