The Content

There is a considerable amount of content on this blog, though like this photograph, it may be a bit hard to see at first glance, particularly when you are viewing a thumbnail. When you view the thumbnail shown here, you can only see the very top “layer” of the story, the basic information; tree, sky, and earth. There may or may not be an object of interest in the shadow of the tree.

When you click on the thumbnail to view the larger photo, the whole story is revealed. The tree is a “shoe tree”. I’ve lived in the southwest for so long that I think of shoe trees as desert phenomena, though they may well exist in other places and climates. I only see them in the deserts, so I think of them as a clue that a photo was made in a desert. The object in the shadows is a motorcycle. The motorcycle is parked in the shade of the tree, a habit of desert dwellers. There are few trees in the background and the minimal vegetation is primarily sunbleached scrub. The photograph was made in the State of Nevada during a multi-day motorcycle ride in August, 2011.

Viewing this blog for the first time is much like viewing the thumbnail photo above. Most of the information is below the surface layer and to get to it requires a bit of navigation. Though I often write about other things, the primary subject areas of this blog are motorcycling and photography. When people search for information on the Web, and a search engine happens to point them here, the search term used usually falls into the motorcycling or photography arenas.

If you navigate to this blog without using a search engine, it is a bit hard to find particular subjects. That is not unusual. Most blogs are organized in a similar manner, so the item you are interested in may well be buried in a post published several years previously.

I’m trying to make it easier to find subject matter, so new posts are currently being published at a slower rate. The material in older posts is being moved into the menu on the left side of the page, so if you are only looking for landscapes or motorcycle rides, and don’t care much about other things, such as the relationship between beer, writing, and UFO sightings, you can find the material on those subjects easier.

It is a slow process. Last month I added material to the galleries. I’m now engaged in moving the majority of the motorcycle rides to the menu. I expect to be done with that subject area in a few weeks. In the meantime, there will be fewer new posts than usual. Please bear with me…