Super Moon

Taking its closest pass to Earth for the year tonight (May 5, 2012), the moon appeared to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a normal full moon. It reached its perigree, the closest part of its eliptical orbit relative to Earth at 8:35 pm.

Tim Devantier phoned to tell me about the Super Moon around 6:00 pm. I hadn’t heard about it. We quickly decided to meet at 7:30, then ride up to Anza Narrows Park and set up the cameras and tripods. The photograph above was taken with the Lumix G1 and the 14-45mm kit lens. Note the reddish tint.

I also took the Nikon N90s/Tokina 70-210mm manual lens and shot a roll of 36 frame color film with that outfit. When that roll is developed and if a frame or two turn out good, I’ll add them to this post in a couple days. I wanted to use the Tokina as a “test” of the accuracy of the infinity focus, since I intend to shoot the annular eclipse with that combination of equipment on the evening of May 20.

After returning home, I walked back outside to look at the moon, and decided to try the Tokina lens with the aid of the Fotodiox Nikon-m4/3 adapter. The photograph shown here was shot with the Tokina mounted on the Lumix G1. Higher in the sky, the view of the moon had taken on a golden tint.