Why We Ride: Preparing For Palomar

Though I took Monday off to celebrate Lisa’s birthday in Palm Springs, and my workweek only spanned 4 days, it was an inordinately long one. The event that elongated it was my discovery that the “master” information that I had been given at the beginning of the project when the month began was wrong. I spent four days adjusting to the differences between the disinformation I had originally been supplied with and the real “master” information. The ground kept shifting under my feet all week. It was a extended struggle to avoid falling over. It was quite unlike the first project I did for this client. Exhausting. In contrast, the first project had very clear, very accurate information to work from and that information did not change throughout the course of the project.

After a few days of that, I’m more than ready to get away and indulge in a favored form of meditation, riding my motorcycle somewhere other than through a city. Luckily, there is a plan to take care of the annoyances and exigencies of the past few days. Tomorrow morning Tim Devantier and I will get on our respective Road Stars, meet at a local fueling station, then head toward Mount Palomar.

The last time I rode up Mount Palomar was with my riding group three years ago. There was still snow on the ground that spring day and the other guys were not particularly amused by the time we reached the summit. There was a lot of talk about how cold it was when we stopped in the parking lot of the Palomar Observatory. Since I had my electric glove liners on, it seemed like a pleasant enough ride to me…

This time, the forecast indicates temperatures in the 80s, so it may well be t-shirt weather. And who knows, there may be a frame or two worth shooting. The photo shown here is of the two cameras I’ll be packing, the 35mm film camera and the Micro four thirds digital camera. The photo was taken with a very old digital point-and-shoot, the Canon Powershot A400.

The Mount Palomar ride can be found here.