Workflow Choice

This morning I had to choose between shooting film or digital. A few of the guys in my riding group will be traveling to Tahquitz Canyon on the Cahuilla Reservation. We plan on taking the 2-mile hike into the canyon to shoot Tahquitz Falls, among other natural formations.

I sometimes carry two cameras, the N90s 35mm film camera and one of the two DSLRs. That way I can shoot in both formats and end up with digital frames I can (relatively) quickly post on this blog and still have selected versions of the same scenes in full frame (35mm) format.

Carrying two cameras is a bit of a bother, as far as I’m concerned. It splits my attention between two different approaches to photography and I have to be twice as careful to avoid damaging equipment by banging it into boulders and trees, dropping it into water, etc.

Though shooting film definitely creates a longer workflow, and costs more per frame shot, that cost is mitigated to a great extent by the original cost of the equipment. I can shoot full frame with film with my basic $160 outfit (and a $190 scanner). I’d have to lay out around $4,000 to get the full frame equivalent DSLR.

As always, click on the image below to see the full size version.

I like shooting film and I’m considerably more deliberate when film is in the camera, rather than a memory card. I get more “keepers”. Perhaps equally important, though it is not rational, I like the tactile feel of loading film and feeling the camera move the film forward one frame after I press the shutter. It simply feels right. I’ll be taking a single camera today, the N90s.