Season Pivot

I’m nearly two pivots behind with these photographs. These were made around the pivot, around the hinge between Summer and Fall. Now we’re only days away from the border between Winter and Spring.

I’ve been occasionally looking at this pair of landscapes for nearly six months. Despite the differences in light and color, to my eye they are quite similar in form.

Both photos were made with the same digital sensor of my Micro Four Thirds camera. Both have three layers under the sky. Both are a bit dark due to being made during the lingering darkness just after sunrise. The light is all indirect, reflected from the sky, since the sun couldn’t yet be seen above the mountains in the east.

Using software, I could have added fill light to show more detail in the trees in the foreground, but that is not what the sensor “saw”.

More importantly to me, that is not what I saw when I captured them, and the addition of fill light would change them, render the scenes differently than what attracted me to them in the first place.