Patio View

This one was made at 8:45 am on a morning in February, 2012 with my Lumix G1 Micro 4/3 camera. I was standing on our patio, drinking a cup of black tea, and wondering if I’d hear from a particular IT (Information Technology) recruiting agency about a writing contract that morning. In short, I was waiting. Waiting for the next contract job to present itself, a pastime that contract IT workers periodically find themselves engaged in.

It is harder work than the actual contracts themselves. But after 17 years as a technical writer I’d finally lost 99% of the panic that comes from wondering where the next project will come from and when it will start.

Anyway, I was thinking about contract work, which I can only sustain for a few hours each day, which amounts to making sure I’ve contacted everyone who has a new contract open that day. A new project that fits, that is. There is little point in forwarding a resume for some project that has nothing much to do with me, like a gig in some Marketing Department*. And my mind began to wander.

I started thinking about the way the early sunlight was falling on the tree in my back yard, as seen through the lattice of the patio cover. I liked the juxtaposition of the organic form against the regimented man-made lattice.

* Whenever possible, I avoid working with the personnel in Marketing Departments. In this country at least, they use the same language (North American English), but seem to think that the individual words mean different things than the other 99.999% of the population. In my experience, it is extremely difficult to have a conversation with them and they only seem to communicate well with other people in Marketing. Also (and I can’t really tell because they always wear shoes at work), it appears that as a group they have inordinately long toes, since it is so easy to step on them.