Subtle Versus Dramatic

Subtle versus dramatic landscape colors that is. Some people like chocolate ice cream. Some people like vanilla. There are even those who like strawberry or English toffee.

The first photo in this post is an example of subtle color in a sunrise landscape. No dramatic cloudscape. Just the natural colors of early daylight streaming through a relatively cloudless blue dome. If it was ice cream, it would be of the subtle, vanilla type. An old friend of mine prefers photographs of this quality. But don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean he is “old”, though he is three years or so older than me. Old, as I understand the term now, means that one’s current body has survived for ninety or more years, so neither of us qualify as “old”.

The first, subtle photo was captured on January 19, 2012. As I mentioned in Digital Disconnect, this is one of only a handful of frames I managed to capture that morning.

The second photo is an example of a more dramatic sunrise. If it was ice cream, it would be chocolate or English toffee. I like English toffee, just as I’m more attracted to the dramatic, cloudy sunrises.

But the longer I look at the first photo, the more I like it. There is a “proper” place for it, just as there is a proper place for vanilla ice cream (on a plate beside a piece of warm apple pie).