Rubidoux Verticals

I haven’t hiked Mount Rubidoux for over a year. Since it was “improved” by the city parks department with a repaved single lane road, new entrance gates, and more “people friendly” installments such as a picnic table at the Glenwood Drive entrance, it has been just too crowded for my taste. I liked the solitude of pre-dawn hikes on the mountain before it became “New And Improved”.

I stopped my daily hiking on the mountain shortly after the improvements went into effect and the attendant publicity brought hordes of people to the trails. For me, the atmosphere abruptly changed, but not in a good way. I just don’t care to hear people talking all the time while I’m hiking. I have no interest in their personal problems, workday gripes, or how little Suzie has to have new shoes because she outgrew the ones bought just two months ago.

I also have a negative interest in being subjected to the sonic leakage pouring out between the ear buds and ears of every 15th walker on the trail. Maybe I’m anti-social, but the strongest motivation I have for hiking is to get away from all of that background noise. I find it all about as interesting as any “reality” TV program, but I can’t change the channel, or even better, turn off the television altogether.

Even knowing that it would be much like joining a parade, I still wanted to hike the mountain this morning. During this morning’s pre-dawn sky check I could see that the vibrant sunrise colors I prefer were not likely to occur, but I still wanted to walk something other than a three mile course on sidewalks, and I’ve been to Sycamore Canyon and Anza Narrows too many times recently, so after downing a couple mugs of tea, I packed the Nikon and rode to the Glenwood Drive entrance.

Out of more than three hundred people I saw on the mountain only two were regulars from a couple years ago. It appears that I was not the only regular hiker driven away by the “Improved” version of the mountain park.

Oddly enough, out of the eighty-seven frames I captured during my hike, these vertical frames are the ones I liked the best.

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From mostlymonochrome: I really like the second one with the church. Great in terms of tone, colour and subject.

From RR Alexander: Thanks. That isn’t really a church, though it has that appearance. The Friendship Tower and Peace Bridge was dedicated to international friendship and peace in 1925.