Mount San Gorgonio

I’m a sucker for the dramatic reds and oranges of sunrises like the one shown in Mount San Jacinto. I love to see those colors at sunrise, but so far this winter we’ve had fewer brilliant rises than usual, primarily because our sky has often been clear of clouds.

I check the sky for cloud cover in the early morning, usually between 4:00 and 5:30 am. If there are any “good” formations, clouds that might promote a visually interesting sunrise, I then decide which camera to take and pack it and a tripod into the motorcycle’s saddlebags. My bags are really bags, not panniers, since they are made of leather and similar to those used up until around a hundred years ago on horses.

Ninety-five percent of the time I go to Anza Narrows to shoot because the viewpoints there are quite long and I can shoot in directions encompassing approximately 240 degrees, taking in part of the Angelus Mountains, the San Bernardinos (including Mount San Gorgonio), and Mount San Jacinto.

The background ridge line in this photo is the San Bernardino Mountains. Mount San Gorgonio is the tallest peak of that ridge line at 11,499 feet. The colors didn’t push into the orange/red range that morning (1-12-2012), but I liked the way the clouds seemed to be emanating from the east side of the mountains and pushing up into the sky toward the west.