Down By The River

I received a new pair of hiking boots yesterday, so naturally, I wanted to try them out. The new pair is the Coleman Arvada model, made of waterproof brown leather. These will be a bit more appropriate for winter than my other pair with the mesh in the uppers, which are good in the summer, but can be cold or wet in the sun-starved months. New footwear usually requires a break-in period of a couple days, but the Arvadas were quite comfortable after just wearing them around the house for three hours last night.

Due to yesterday’s activities I slept in until nearly 6:00 am this morning, so I got a later start than usual, but headed for the Santa Ana River with the Nikon DSLR a bit after seven o’clock.

I liked the way that the sunlight was illuminating the yellowed leaves of the trees in the river bottom. At a distance they looked more like blossoms than leaves.

Note the patches of sand in the second photo. The river itself is out of the frame to the left. The two photos were captured from nearly the same viewpoint, looking toward the San Bernardino Mountains to the north-northeast.