In The Dreamtime

There are periods of time, it seems, when dreams are more vivid than usual. They are visually sharp and clearly remembered, though not necessarily in Technicolor or Panavision. I have been having one of those periods lately, though I’ve never been certain if they really are more vivid than usual or if I simply remember them better upon waking during some periods than others.

The dreamtime after I made the photo shown here was a particularly busy night for remembering. Like many other times, I was traveling. I didn’t have a particular timetable or destination in mind in the dream, which is not unusual, since it echos my frequent modus operandi when I’m traveling via motorcycle in my waking life. Of late, my traveling dreams have mostly been of Lisa and I on various types of road trip vacations.

In another (particularly violent) sequence I shot two “enemy agents” with a Ruger 9mm pistol. I’ve probably watched too many episodes of NCIS. That was obviously a dream, since I haven’t killed another human being in this lifetime. I wrote out the details of that dream, but deleted them. They weren’t necessary.

The last remembered dream of that night was quite pedestrian by comparison, and a rather short scene. A small group of friends were congratulating me for successfully pushing a tax law named the “Hagamori Law” through the Diet, the Japanese Parliament. I have no idea what Hagamori may mean, if anything. I ran a search after waking, but nothing turned up, so it may be a family name, if it has any meaning at all.

The dreaming is good built-in way of escaping for a time the grinding dullness of day-to-day life during the current worldwide depression. Like other members of the 99%, my waking life is an unrelenting struggle, not to profit, but merely survive the effects of the economic crash that was caused by a small group of people who apparently will not pay the price for their greed during their current lives. It is good to get away from it, if only for a short time…