A Random Photograph

While poking around in the archives this morning, an activity I engage in when I’m bored or lazy, I ran into this photo and remembered why I captured it. My motivations were more on the lazy side than the bored. I simply didn’t want to go out in the world with the camera in hand because it was cold out there (cold for Southern California, anyway) and the heavily gusting winds augmented my lack of motivation.

I don’t always remember what I was doing or thinking when I make particular photographs, but I do remember why I was compelled to press the shutter when I saw this scene. I liked the way that the early light was streaming through and illuminating the low-lying mist in the valley between the two ridges. The mist between the ridges was hugging the valley above Redlands, Loma Linda, and San Bernardino, though from the viewpoint of the camera you can’t see the lights of those cities. The closer ridge, beyond Riverside’s lights, is of Box Springs Mountain. The far ridge is of the San Bernardino Mountains and the highest peak of that ridge line is San Gorgonio Mountain.

Though I shot both RAW and .jpeg files, there didn’t seem to be much point in “massaging” the RAW file, since the .jpeg showed what I intended when I captured the frame. I resized the jpeg file for display here, but that’s the only alteration I made to the photo. Specs: Nikon D200, f/8, 1/90 sec., ISO 800.