National Sneak Preview: Scion GT86

Captured on 11-30-2011, these photographs were taken by my son, Aaron Alexander on the 91 Freeway in Southern California.

This car, the Scion GT86, a Toyota-Subaru collaboration, is not supposed to be in the United States until September 2012. In Europe and Japan this car is badged as a Toyota. In the US, it will be badged as a Scion. Aaron spotted the car while driving down the freeway and took photos and video with his iPhone. The badges are missing on the exterior, but the steering wheel had a Scion badge on it.

There is a Subaru version of this automobile which is similar (there are minor body variations), but no one has seen an actual prototype on the road.

The driver, seeing Aaron taking the photos and video with his iPhone, tried to get away from him, but was unable to because he was driving a full size truck with a powerful V-8, and the surrounding cars on the freeway didn’t allow for quick evasion.

A link to the video on YouTube will appear here when it becomes available.

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