Low-Lying Mist

Friday morning we woke to a falling mist. All surfaces outdoors were damp. The grass was coated by a heavy dew. The Subaru was encased in tiny beads. Both driveway and street were sporting thin pools of water as if it was the aftermath of  a storm, but there had been no rain that night.

It reminded me obliquely of this photograph, though it shows a bottom-clinging mist during sunrise. The mist was clinging to the low ground of the Santa Ana River bottom and the low pan of the valley stretching north toward the long ridge of the Angelus Mountains.

I like the way that mist blankets the sounds of the waking city. Even the sounds of my boots on asphalt and concrete are muffled when I take my early morning walk. The noise of car tires on blacktop, the chirping of birds in the trees, and the distant rumble of freight trains are all dampened by the watery air.

This photo was captured, like many others, at Anza Narrows. I used the Lumix G1 with the 14-45mm O.I.S. kit lens. My settings were 1/30 second, f/9.0, and ISO 320 at 19mm.