A Walk In The Park

Fairmount Park is located in the Santa Ana Lowlands, part of the riverbed area of the Santa Ana River. It contains two natural lakes, Evans and Fairmount, and currently encompasses 200 acres.

The park was dedicated in 1898 and the landscape was transformed in 1911 by the Olmsted brothers of Brookline, Massachusetts, who also did the landscape design of Central Park in New York City. The lakes have been silted up by flooding several times since the dedication of the park, most notably in 1936 and 1967.

These photos were made on Sunday, October 30, 2011. Lisa and I slept in that morning, and were a bit lazy. Rather than cook ourselves, we eventually headed to a local restaurant to break our fasts, but arrived a few minutes too late. The restaurant had shifted to cooking lunch items. After an alternate meal, we drove through the downtown area to Fairmount Park.

A few days before, Lisa made a number of finger sandwiches for a social gathering. If a sandwich is to qualify as a finger sandwich, one must apparently cut off the bread crusts. She stored the crusts in a large Ziploc bag then tried to feed them to birds in a box-like feeder hung on a tree in our back yard. I suspect that the raccoons, frequent nighttime visitors, fed well on them. The northern end of Mount Rubidoux can be seen in the background of this photo of Lisa walking on a pier.

The bag was still half full at the beginning of the weekend, so we decided to feed the waterfowl at the park on Sunday. So many people feed the various ducks, geese, and herons that it seems probable that feeding on the fish in the lakes is only a supplementary activity.