Moon Over Shipley’s

I look at this view daily. Being a view to the east, I frequently see the moonrise in that direction. I nearly always think of it as the “moon over Shipley’s”, because a family named Shipley lived in the house below the view for a couple decades.

The only problem with the eastern view is the telephone and power poles and lines that appear in the frame if I swing the camera down to a lower viewpoint. I’m not an industrial decay photographer, so I don’t find the pole and lines anything other than impediments to the photos I want to make. Transmission lines and poles are butt ugly. But not butt ugly cool.

The city burns millions of perfectly good tax dollars on frivolous conceptual projects like the work/living units erected in the downtown area in recent years in an avowed effort to make the area seem like “Living in Manhattan”. That was an incredibly stupid idea whose time had come. An incredibly stupid concept because anyone who wants to live in Manhattan can easily move there. Most people who move to Riverside, do it in part because they don’t want to live in a city reminiscent of the vertical hives of the northeast.

The money spent on that project would have made a good start on burying phone and power lines throughout the city. It would have been a great Public Relations coup, since it would have appeared that the city government had a vague idea that it was living in the 21st century. It could have been a beautiful thing to see…