After the rains rolled through the valley in successive waves all day, I watched the cloud cover slowly breaking up in the evening. Walking out into the yard several times after sundown, I viewed the clouds, bottom-lit by the lights of the city.

It looked like the night sky might provide a somewhat different view, though from somewhere else, since the houses and tall Shamel Ash trees in my residential area block the horizon. Shortly after nine o’clock, I packed the the camera and tripod into the car, then drove to Anza Narrows Park to find the gates locked.

I parked outside the locked gates and hiked up a small knoll by the entrance to reconnoiter the view. I could easily slip through the pedestrian/bicycle gate on the motorcycle, but there would be little point in returning to the park if the view wasn’t good. A quick look around from the knoll looked promising, so I drove home and returned on the bike.

Photo metadata: f/5.0, 13 seconds, ISO 200. Lumix G1 and 14-45mm kit lens.