Maya Calendar Delusion

My thanks to Dan Bohle of Geneva NY, who gave me the opening for the following response to a comment. I decided that I would upgrade the comment to a post, since it is more like a post than a comment. 

The Maya Calendar foretold nothing other than the end of a cycle. It was just a result of the manner in which they counted. Further, there was no point in building a calendar that counted the days and years beyond a thousand years or so into the future, because no one alive at the time that the calendar was created was likely to still be alive multiple centuries later. It simply wouldn’t be useful.

But people will believe any pile of excrement idea that crawls down the pike. For example, many people believe in the following, though the polar opposites are true.

* Cameras are more important than Photographers
* Benevolent Government
* OJ didn’t kill his wife
* “Reality” TV shows have something to do with reality
* People with University Degrees are all smart (rigid education = intelligence)
* Corporate America really cares about American citizens
* Wall Street operatives have high moral standards, and will not have to pay the Karmic price for ruining millions of people’s lives
* The weapons of mass destruction were real, and we just didn’t find them
* Face Book is not %99.99 lame
* Bigger engine = better motorcycle