iPhone Terrorist in Scotland

It may or may not have been an iPhone that Chris White used to take two photographs of his daughter Hazel eating ice cream in the Braehead shopping center near Glasgow, Scotland at 4:00pm Friday (local time). I used “iPhone” in the title of this post simply because it helped make the title a bit more “catchy”.

In any case, Chris took two photographs of his daughter using his phone camera. As a result of that innocent action, Chris endured a period of extreme harassment courtesy of mall security guards and local police.

One of the policemen informed Mr. White that under the Prevention of Terrorism Act he was authorized to confiscate the mobile phone on which the photographs were taken.

This event is so insane that I’m not going to write much more about it. But I will provide the link to the story here, so you can read it yourself on the BBC’s Web site. The screen capture above is an excerpt from the BBC story. One of the two photos Chris took of his daughter is contained in the story.

I will make a single observation. Since Braehead shopping centre does not allow photography on the premises, creating a “photography-free zone”, I can only assume that there are no CCTV or other photography-based surveillance equipment in use by security personnel at the centre…