Ghosting and Light Painting

My Self Portrait with Flashlight post gained a certain amount of reader interest. That puzzled me somewhat, since I considered it to be one of the more frivolous posts I’d ever written.

But the person who seemed to be the most interested was my grandson, who saw the photo that I used in the post, in addition to the frames that weren’t quite as successful.

When he arrived for a couple hour stay last night, we cooked and ate dinner as the sky darkened, then he wanted to do something. “Can we get the camera and make a ghost picture of me?”

We took the Nikon, tripod, and LED flashlights outside and made several photographs, experimenting with the short exposure times necessary to produce a spectral image by counting the times off.

Satisfied with a couple images, we used the same short count while he experimented with with the flashlight.

Because of the short exposure time and the intensity of the light, the ghost image doesn’t appear in the light painting. The light seems to have no point of origin and to hang unsupported in the night air.