What If? : Camera Chaos

What if you woke up one morning to find that digital cameras were the sensation of the day on all of the news outlets? What if the news was that the U.S. Surgeon General had issued an extremely strong warning that multiple recent studies showed that the heavy use of digital cameras accellerates aging and triples the chance of brain cancer? Apparently, it is caused by the sensors…

The photo is an illustration of the early effects of accelerated aging caused by the use of digital camera sensors. Note the wrinkles in this photographer’s face. At least he’s using a camera with a four thirds sensor, not the larger, more damaging APS-C.


Your Nikon D700 is suddenly worth about $35. Your Nikon film camera, the N90s will bring around $1,100 on eBay later in the day. Body only. Good thing you stocked up on Neopan and Superia Reala, right?