September Rising

This photo was captured on September 27, 2011 at Hidden Valley Wildlife Preserve in Southern California.

When I walked out to fill the saddlebags and start the bike this morning, I looked at the eastern sky. I could see the pinholes of stars overhead, but a low mist had drawn a veil over the horizons in the slowly growing light. No interesting clouds across the blue dome, so no drama.

But it seemed that I was on the edge of missing the sunrise by a few minutes, so I pointed the front tire in the direction of the hills between Riverside and Norco and rode toward my destination without making a detour for 7-11’s surprisingly good coffee.

Though it might not be an awe-inspiring sunrise, I’d be able to see the big ring of mountain ridges around me from one of the hills in the Wildlife Preserve. It wouldn’t hurt to hike around a bit, either.