Still playing with the Fotodiox Nikon-M4/3 adapter, I put the 28mm f/2.8 Nikkor on the Lumix G1 and headed downtown. On the Lumix G1, the wide 28mm becomes a 56mm due to the 2X crop factor. I was also thinking about shooting black and white, influenced no doubt by looking at 35mm black and white film on the internet before heading out the door with the camera.

There’s usually something I want to shoot in downtown Riverside, and if not, it is pleasant enough to walk around the downtown area, particularly through the long walking plaza that spans several blocks between City Hall, The Mission Inn, and Raincross Square.

The area also includes a number of businesses, restaurants, museums, and churches, in a diverse collection of building styles that somehow complement each other.

I continue to think that this lens doesn’t come off quite as well on M 4/3 as it does on 35mm film. What I mean is not the difference between digital and film, but that the lens is softer at twice its intended focal length (and at the crop factor it wasn’t designed for). That’s not too surprising, since this Series E lens was never intended to be an uberlens, anyway.