Burn Test

After a few days of moderate weather, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I took the brittle cover off the fire pit and lit the wood I’d placed in it a few months ago. It was just cool enough to (barely) make sense.

I guess what pushed me was a new stock of firewood. After deliberating for a year, I cut down an apple tree in the back yard. It rarely freezes in the winter, so this isn’t the climate or altitude for apple trees. There’s a second apple tree to come down during the next few weeks. That’ll put a fair amount of apple wood into the stack of ash and pine.

When I’m done, there will be room for a couple more citrus trees. Our orange trees are doing well, and this is a near-perfect climate for citrus. The sprinklers come on automatically, to keep the nearly useless grass growing…might as well get something back from the water I pour onto the desert floor…